Tuesday, July 18, 2006

London hasn't been on my mind too much lately, except in flashes of blind panic about finances. Despite all my worry about money, though, I continue to plan fun things to do while I'm there. I've been looking at theatre and opera schedules, and I must admit I'm quite thrilled by what I've found. It's no surprise that London has a wonderful lineup for the fall. However, I was surprised to discover that theatre and opera are less expensive in London than they are here, especially on the day of performance. One company (Unfortunately, I've forgotten which) sells tickets on the day of for around $18. English National Opera sells students tickets for as little as $25. I am, of course, tremendously excited by all of this. I love theatre, and I've always wanted to see an opera. ENO is performing La Traviata and The Marriage of Figaro while I'll be there. I'm hoping to see at least one. I think I want to see La Traviata, actually. I loved Moulin Rouge (which is loosely based on it), and I've requested the Dumas novel it's based on. Of course, spending last semester with professor who loves Mozart, and even brought in cake so we could celebrate Mozart's birthday properly, does make me inclined to see The Marriage of Figaro as well. And naturally there are about 10 million other productions I'd like to see as well. Picking one will be difficult. At least I don't have to pick out a dress. I'm such a girl. :) I went shopping this weekend, looking for practical things like jeans and sweaters, and what do I end up with? A lovely, lovely, black tea-length formal dress -- perfectly fitted, strapless (with optional straps), a satin ribbon around the waist. It's gorgeous, classic, and makes me feel like a grown-up. And even better, it was only $12 at Goodwill. But I digress ... I can't wait to go to the theatre in London. This is all so exciting.


At 9:15 AM, Blogger Justin said...

$12?!? Wow...go Goodwill!


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