Monday, August 04, 2008


Sleep is quite the commodity in my world these days. Between packing, goodbyes, and internal stress, my mind is constantly wound. I've averaged around 4 hours of sleep per night this week. This is hardly a surprise, all things considered. Life is busy right now, and everything that's happening has its own energy, so it keeps building. I have now left MG, my home for the last 11 years. MG, as a place, was much easier to leave than Columbia. Despite living there for such a long time, I think the most significant part of growing up happened in Columbia and London instead of southern Missouri. Regardless, I will dearly miss the people at home. I get along with fewer of them, but the ones I do connect with are wonderful. Saying goodbye to people I've been friends with since high school is exceptionally strange. Several of them stopped by on Saturday night, and I realized that I haven't seen some of them for a year. Knowing we're still in contact is very comforting. If we've done it before, maybe we can do it again. Losing contact probably wouldn't be the end of the world, but I do love their insights and their company. It's hard to imagine them completely absent from my life.

I expect this next week will be equally strange. After a 10-hour bus ride, I'm now in the Chicago suburbs saying goodbye to the family I dearly love but hardly know. There will be drama.


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