Sunday, October 05, 2008

An obligatory update

I just realized that I haven't updated in over a month. This is due to a a sad lack of both creativity and activity.

Someone I passed on the street the other day said that winter's here. I don't know if that's true just yet, but it's certainly on its way. Trees are now as yellow as green, and pavements are piled with crunchy piles of amber and rust. Puddles generously lend their sheen to the streets. It's only 5 October, and I already have to wear a scarf everyday. So mostly, I feel cold these days.

Fortunately, the cold is not entirely oppressive, and I am still happy to walk into town to visit the library or run errands. The library, oddly, is playing a more central role in my life than it ever has. I don't work there, nor am I particularly pleased with it. However, my days are very flexible, almost unbearably so sometimes, and I have not yet found a replacement for the Artisan. Pubs and restaurants are plentiful in this wealthy city, but I cannot find a coffee shop that I feel comfortable at, especially if I want to read or write but not order anything (and considering my so-called salary, I'd rather not). Thus, the library has become a second home. I go there during the day to get personal work done, whether that be studying Latin for a couple of hours (and the Latin's coming along painfully slowly, mostly because I hardly ever open the book), journaling, or writing grad school essays, which recently became my main focus.

So there you go. An update. Life is as monotonous here as anywhere else.


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